Band of the Week – Chaos Magic

Well, I am going to try to do a band each week.  Hopefully I will actually keep up with this. I am a little new at doing reviews so hopefully I will improve as I continue with it.

Chaos Magic

Chaos Magic is a symphonic power metal band includes female vocalist Caterina Nix (Aghonya); Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovarius, Allen – Lande, Ring of Fire) on guitars, bass, and keyboards; Jami Huovinen (Allen – Lande, Ring of Fire) on drums.

I discovered Chaos Magic last year and purchased their first album “Chaos Magic.”  It took a few listens but the songs grew on me relatively quickly.  The songs “I’m Alive,” “One Drop of Blood,” and “A Little too Late” are especially catchy.

The closest band I can compare them to is Within Temptation.  The music is typically mid paced and Caterina’s vocals are superb and stand out the strongest on this album.  The music is quite different from that of Stratovarius.  It isn’t as fast and isn’t as guitar oriented.  While I love shredding guitar, I feel that it was unnecessary on an album such as this.  The atmosphere is rather dramatic and powerful.

I think those who enjoy Within Temptation, Evanescence, and other bands with a strong focus on female vocals and symphonic elements will enjoy this band.  Click on the link below and give them a listen.

Video for “I’m Alive”

3 Song playlist

Metal Archives

Caterina Nix Facebook


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