About Me

My full name is Nathan A. Foy.  I was born and raised in Upstate NY and continue to live here with my family.  As for writing, I began writing songs when I was 16 years old and later on started writing poems.  While working on my Liberal Arts degree at Jefferson Community College I took various English classes including one in Creative Writing.  Throughout this period I believe my writing greatly improved, as I’m not very impressed with my early writings.  I started writing short storys, and during this time I became heavily involved with Christianity so some of my writings were influenced with that. In 2003 I started a non-fiction Christian based magazine called Desert Cry which had rather rigid teaching.  In 2007 I concluded that while there are many great aspects about Christianity it wasn’t the spiritual path for me so I ended up discontinuing Desert Cry and focused heavier on putting together my fiction novels.  “Conspiracy of Deception” was my first novel which I came up with some of the ideas in 2005 and did most of the writing for it in 2007.  I am also working on a couple of series right now, one is a science fiction work and the other is a fantasy series which I hope to be posting more about in the furture.  My writings tend to be friendly for Wiccan and Pagan readers but can b enjoyed by anyone.

While writing is a passion of mine, I also have other passions.  One is music and as of right now I play guitar in a local modern rock band called E Rosenbridge.  I am currently in college now and just got a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and am hoping to continue to get a Master’s in Family and Marriage Therapy at Syracuse university.

I consider myself a spiritual person in which I am drawn to more Earth-based traditions such as Wicca.  I find the spiritual realm very intreging which will be evident when reading my novels.

I enjoy the outdoors and doing such things as going on long walks, camping, hiking, rollerblading, canoeing, swimming, etc.

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