Storm Moon – February Meditation

Tomorrow is the full moon.  Here is a meditation I wrote for the February Storm Moon.

Breath in to the count of 6, hold for 4, and release for 6 and continue this throughout the meditation.  Visualize yourself outside walking toward a castle.  Feel the rain as it is pelting down on your face.  At this moment, the clouds cover the moon and you can see lightning flicker in the clouds lighting up the area and hear the crash of thunder.  This storm represents the difficulties that you are currently facing in your life and they appear to be overwhelming you. 

Ahead you can see a bridge that leads to the castle and you draw close to it.  You walk into the castle and notice that it is not in good condition.  Rain is pouring through the window openings.  Tables are broken and the floor is a mess.  This represents your life and how everything seems out of order at the moment. 

Above the fireplace, you look and see a wand on the mantle.  You walk over and pick up the wand and feel the power flow through you.  At this point, you realize that despite the problems you are dealing with, you have the strength to overcome them.  Visualize yourself holding out the wand and a bluish white light comes out from the end.  Use the power to fix the broken objects that are surrounding you such as the tables and windows. 

Once you are done the castle feels like a cozy homey place.  Use the light from the wand to light the fireplace.  Feel its heat fill your face and allow that energy flow through you to cleanse you from negativity. 

Now walk back outside of the castle and notice that the storm is gone and the full moon is shining brightly overhead.  Raise your wand in hand and feel the moon’s energy flow though you and let calmness take over.  Know that everything is going to be ok as you slowing come back to the present and open your eyes. 

Meditation with the Goddess Abundantia




As the name suggests, Abundantia is the Roman Goddess of Abundance, prosperity, and luck. She often is pictured with a cornucopia which is a horn shaped container usually containing produce such as fruit and vegetables. Abundantia’s cornucopia distributes food and money. Just as the produce in the cornucopia is to improve one’s health, one should only ask for prosperity that will improves one’s spiritual self. In other words, be sure to not approach Abundantia with only greed in your heart. This is not to say you can’t ask for money and physical things. We all struggle, and many of us seek to improve on our current situation in life. Bills need to be paid, basic necessities need to be bought, and so on.


Thoughts Before Meditation


Abundantia is good to meditate with in order to help focus on the positive side of life.  Before you do the meditation, think of what you want and need in your life for improvement whether it be financial peace, a positive attitude, a job or a better job, or just direction in life.  Know what it is you seek before doing the meditation.


The Meditation


Go to your meditation space and do a minute of your breathing technique that helps you relax.  After a minute or two, visualize that you are in a lush forest. The green from the grass, trees, and other plants seems to stand out. The sun’s heat beats down, and you feel comfortably warm. Let yourself hear the sounds in the forest such as the wind blowing through the trees and birds chirping. The plants and flowers give off a pleasant smell.

You follow a path before you that is relatively thin and covered with grass. Take in your surroundings and feel at ease as you walk along the path. Keep walking until you feel calm.  Now imagine the path getting wider before you. It eventually widens into a small lawn area. At the end of the lawn, there are large trees and between you and the trees stands the Goddess Abundantia. She holds a cornucopia with various items inside. You might want to visualize fresh produce, but also visualize the needs you currently have being in the Cornucopia. If what you need isn’t something you can visualize, then picture a piece of paper in the cornucopia with words on it to describe what you are looking for.

Walk up to the Goddess and bow your head in respect to her. As you approach her, she reaches her hand into the cornucopia and hands you the item that you are seeking. Tell her “thank you” and take the item in your hand. Visualize this item manifesting in your life as you bring yourself back to the present moment. Believe that you will receive what you need, and then let go and do not worry about it. If you find yourself stressed out by lacking what you need, then return to this meditation in order to help you relax and reinforce your belief. Otherwise, it is good not to dwell on it.